Guided Tours in Cologne and Surroundings
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Cologne Cathedral

Welcome to Tour-Agentur - Guided Tours in Cologne and Surroundings

Do you like to see Cologne, the Cathedral and the museums? Do you prefer to taste in the many breweries the differences between the typical Cologne beer sorts? We have got over twenty sorts of the "Kölsch" as the local beer is called. We tell you all about the tradtion of brewing and afterwards you know the difference between a "Köbes" and a "Zappes". And you will know the Cologne menu, so that you don't order a "Halve Hahn" wishing half a chicken.

Do you know Cologne already a bit and you have special interests? What about a tour into the underground discovering a part of the roman sewer or the roman governor's palace, the Praetorium? Or do you want to discover Cologne on your own on a rally on foot like a paper chase? Afterwards a trained guide will tell you the right answers an will give you background information.

We offer you classic city tours and special guided tours in Cologne and the surroundings.

Do you want to get a guided tour in the surroundings of Cologne? Do you want to see the famous rock "Drachenfels" with its castle-ruin and the marvellous view into the Rhine-Valley? Do you want to see some of the many different castles in the Bergische Land, the Eifel or the baroque castle Augustusburg in Brühl, Cultural Heritage of the World? Or do you want to get a guided tour along the Rhinevalley and its many castles and the vineyards? Just choose your tour - and we will see us.

Here you can book special guided tours and classic guided citytours in Cologne and its surroundings. We only work with special trained guides. We arrange guided tours in English, French (francais), Spanish (espangnol), Italian (italiano), Swedish (svenska) ... We look forward to welcome you.

We have special arrangements for school-classes:

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Castle in Bruehl  
  A Cologne waiter, "Koebes" at work.